Deep tissue massage

The One Wellness & Massage has reformed the deep tissue massage according to physical and mental challenges that people of Edmonton face on day to day basis. This massage is more than just treating the surface muscles of your body. With our comprehensive approach, we not only penetrate the muscles of your body but also create sensations that release tensions from all parts of your body.
Medical research has proved that flexibility of muscles and connective tissues get in harmony with each other when hand strokes slowly get applied on the skin with deep pressure. This would further introduce the restoration of body moment to the normal levels as well as soothes body nerves. Our practitioners apply this knowledge on clients who get satisfied only with more intense experience. If your deep-seated muscle pains have not left you for quite some time then our deep tissue massage can address them in just a few sessions. However, you are advised to take it on a regular basis until your problem does not solve. It would resolve your long-term problems and, prevent injuries due to which your body would relax as well.

When I Should Go For Deep Tissue Massage?
If you have one or more of the following problems, then Deep Tissue Massage would do a great job for you when you are worried due to:

  • Chronic Pain – in which a part of your body has been feeling pain consistently for quite some time.
  • Limited Mobility – and your body cannot work to its best due to any organ’s inability to stretch according to a situation.
  • Postural Dysfunction – and your posture look ugly due to paralysis.
  • RSI Conditions – carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Osteoarthritis (OA) Pain – and your peace of mind get disturbed due to degenerative joint disease.
  • Fibromyalgia, Tenderness & Stiffness of Muscles
  • Muscle Tension and Spasm
  • Slow Recovery from Injury despite getting lots of Aid.

  • When I Should Avoid Deep Tissue Massage?
    Despite that Deep Tissue Massage so popular in Edmonton and overtaking Swedish massage in attractiveness, still there are a number of points to be noted before you ask for a Deep Tissue Massage Package. Cut to the chase, you should avoid it when:
    The part of your body part has gone under knife recently, and the cut has not healed completely.

  • You have been suffering from osteoporosis and calcium deficiency affecting your bones.
  • You are taking radiation treatment or chemotherapy, and you have not taken doctor’s recommendations for deep tissue massage.
  • You have varicose veins and blood clots appearing in various body tissues, dislodging these blood clots can be immensely dangerous to your overall health.
  • You have infectious disease, unsettled abdominal hernia fractures and unhealed wounds.

  • Keeping these factors in mind is necessary before you decide to get Deep Tissue Massage from The One Wellness & Massage in Edmonton. Otherwise, you going under this massage will give you great sensations.

    How Much Do We Charge?
    In order to provide full advantages of deep tissue massage to everybody, The One Wellness & Massage on Whyte in Edmonton offers FLEXIBLE and AFFORDABLE PACKAGES. You can pick up a plan with respect to your body demands and budget.

    30 minutes Massage - $55
    45 minutes Massage - $70
    60 minutes Massage - $85
    90 minutes Massage - $125
    120 minutes Massage - $165